Our team

  • Dougie Allan

    Dougie Allan

    Dougie Allan a Technical Director within the company has ‘over 25’ years of wide‑ranging experience as a software specialist, bringing a high level of both technical and non-technical capabilities to bear on the projects with which he is involved. Dougie has a broad range of technical expertise covering all technology […]

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  • Marcelo Miura

    Marcelo Miura

    Technical Director, a developer since 2009, currently focused on web and mobile applications, with a special crush on frontend development, but always interested to learn new skills. After finishing the graduation, I won a honorable mention and the opportunity to travel to Seattle (USA) on a Cultural Exchange. I have […]

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  • John Campbell

    John Campbell

    Director John Campbell is a passionate digital advocate starting his digital career in Chrysler Car plant in 1981 after graduating from Glasgow University. Since then John has built up several businesses supporting the creative development of digital solutions, an advocate for the introduction of mobile applications and has been a […]

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